Transitions, Fall 2014
Designed with the support and guidance of Sinclair Scott Smith

Multi is a sculptural storage system that is intended to be customized by its user over time. It consists of 10 rotating planks that can be splayed into a variety of profiles. Its multi-functionality allows the user to display and house many tools and objects. 

Designed by Marianna Me-zhi-bov-ska-ya, Multi, was created to accomodate a structural challenge. The design prompt was to devise an accessory that can be mounted onto a horizontal pipe dividing a pair of desks in the SVA Products of Design studio. In an effort to avoid using the surrounding area as support, Marianna designed a two-part clamp that remains in its upright position using bolts and set screws as compression. From the clamp, which also serves as the base, a central pin runs vertically through 10 planks. The pin is both attached to the base and captures the planks using several pegs that run perpendicularly through it, top and bottom. Lastly, plywood caps are attached onto the ends of the pegs to conceal all clamp hardware.

Based on an earlier design as a gift for her sister and brother-in-law, Multi was created for artists and writers alike to aesthetically showcase the tools to which they owe their livelihood. Currently, Multi, is holding an assortment of multicolored pens and various small artifacts. Its planks are intended to be rotated daily to create unique axes and atmospheres.