NBC Upfronts, New York City 2014
Design, Engineering, and Construction by Eric J Winston and SFDS in Brooklyn, NY

For the 2014 NBC Upfronts, SFDS took on the largest scale metal project in the history of the company. When the shop landed this particular job I was working as the Interim Head of the Metal Shop. Due to a lack of MIG welders in the shop, I taught and trained friend,colleague and jack of all trades Fiona Kiernan Molloy. After engineering the steel work and establishing a budget with the project managers, I planned a 5 day build. Being that this was my first time in a managerial and teaching role at SFDS, I should have added another week to the build in case of errors. Despite the new-position nerves, Fiona and I quickly established an extremely efficient rhythm between cutting and grinding steel, building a 16' x 36' jig, measuring, tacking, and welding. With the help of a few other carpenters for raising and flipping the 28' tall x 12' wide frames, Fiona and I built 6 steel frames to shape the NBC feathers in 5 days with minimal overtime hours!

Once the steel frames were finished, I led a small crew in facing the exterior edges with CNC cut MDF panels. The most difficult and tedious part of the NBC Upfronts build was stretching and adhering the Rear Projection screen to the frames. Using a minimum of 6 people, the crew stretched and stapled the incredibly delicate screen to the frame, working outwards from the top of the curve around the frame and adjusting every inch for the perfect tension. 

Once the feathers were completed, they each weighed approximately 300 pounds. To load the feathers onto a flatbed truck we had to modify the forklift to the handle the weight and depth of each piece. Once ready to load the feathers, the entire shop staff was present and helping with the gargantuan process!