Spot On is an interactive dance platform designed to make NYC move. With consoles spread across 10 major transportation hubs in NYC, Spot On provides train timetables, advertisements and opportunities to boogie! 

The MFA Products of Design Class of 2016 at the School of the Visual Arts was prompted to create projects that address the increasing rates of obesity in New York City. In an effort to create a public space intervention geared towards promoting healthier lifestyles and physical activity, Adam Fujita, Natsuki Hayashi, Oscar de la Hera Gomez and Marianna Mezhibovskaya created Spot On. 

Spot On is designed to encourage dancing and social connection as a means of fitness during downtime in NYC commutes. There is an interconnected system of 10 Spot On dance consoles located on the mezzanines of high volume train junctions that incorporate every train line in NYC. Spot On is funded through its partnership with Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move Organization. 

Spot On is dedicated to any and all users of the MTA system. The console consists of a polished chrome kiosk with a touch screen, a webcam, and Wi-Fi capabilities. When a potential dancer steps into the 6’ diameter dance spot indicated by the bright pink circle just in front of the console, the advertisements stop rolling and the Spot On program is activated. The dancer may then choose a genre of music, followed by an option to connect to 1 of the other 9 consoles in the system. 

Once the dancers across the city are connected, the music starts to play and the party begins. After the dance session ends, Spot On offers a chance to stay connected by using #SpotOnNYC and a hashtag for the specific train station. Special events such as celebrity choreography sessions are offered as a way to bring publicity and participation throughout the NYC Spot On consoles. 

“The ultimate goal of the platform is to place a greater emphasis on health and fitness as an opportunity to enjoy yourself and those around you instead of viewing exercise as chore.”

The future of Spot On is incredibly bright. Along with mechanical updates such as a Kinect Gesture Recognition user interface and energy harvesting dance points to power the console, we would also offer free Wi-Fi to all users in the vicinity. We envision several emergency and security updates such as a 911-call button, emergency USB and cell phone charging ports in the event of a catastrophe and, if needed, the MTA could use the cameras for security measures. A very important goal for us is our plan for global expansion. We will not rest until there are Spot On consoles on the mezzanines of all major US subway systems as well as in Paris, London, Moscow and Tokyo to name a few. 

Below are some of the prototype and process images:

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