Started by 2016 alumni of the SVA MFA Products of Design Program, Eden Lew, Natsuki Hayashi, and Marianna Mezhibovskaya, The Cmmttee is an experience design team dedicated to creating eccentric and idiosyncratic events in celebration of individuals and groups. The Cmmttee has designed a variety of surprise events and was thrilled to be chosen to design and host a party for the 5th year anniversary of the Products of Design Program on April 1st, 2017. Tasked with entertaining over 150 guests including current students, alumni, current and retired faculty and staff, and guests of the program, The Cmmttee designed a variety of interactive and  passive installations to engage participation and display the evolution of the program, its family, and the work created within. 

Below are a few more experiences created and planned by Eden Lew, Natsuki Hayashi, and Marianna Mezhibovskaya of The Cmmttee!

Gabrielle Kellner's Pageant Birthday Extravaganza! February 17th 2015
Dreamed up by Sinclair SmithEden Lew, Natsuki Hayashi, and Marianna Mezhibovskaya

In honor of the great Director of Operations, the faculty, staff, and students of the SVA MFA Products of Design Program created a pageant competition with a unanimous winner! After being attacked by paparazzi, Gabrielle was saved by two dapper security personnel, escorted through a screaming crowd, and lifted onto a stage. Once in the full glow of spotlight Gabrielle was presented gift after gift by the members of the audience!

Allan Chochinov's Birthday Scavenger Hunt, January 16th, 2015
Dreamed up by Eden Lew (The Scavenger Hunt Master), Natsuki Hayashi (The Cake Stencil Master), and Marianna Mezhibovskaya (The Kylie Letterman)

In an attempt to stump the Unstumpable Allan Chochinov, the staff and students of the SVA MFA Products of Design Program create a scavenger hunt based on student projects and personalities that ultimately lead him to an even sweeter surprise. The stencil drawing on the cake is an original work of the one and only Adam Fujita!

Sinclair Scott Smith's Digital Drawing Birthday, January 16th, 2015
Imagined and organized by Eden Lew, Natsuki Hayashi, Marianna Mezhibovskaya
Contributed to by members of the SVA PoD Class of 2016, 2015, 2014 and other friends and family of the great SSS

Saddened and inspired by the inability to have Sinclair's presence in the studio on his birthday, the staff and students of theSVA MFA Products of Design program create the Instagram hashtag #thisisadingus (a tribute to The Hudsucker Proxy) to conjure up  and post unique "portraits" of the great Sinclair Smith!